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Payments should be seamless and borderless. LYOMERCHANT enables your business to accept crypto payments.


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One Simple
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We like to keep things easy. Our pricing is as simple as it gets. One low transaction fee for all incoming payments.


For all incoming
crypto payments

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Transform your e-commerce website into a crypto-friendly portal to reach a wider customer base anywhere in the world.

Compatible with:

1. WordPress/WooCommerce

2. Soon accessible in Shopify, Opencart, and Magento.

Integrate LYOMERCHANT on your e-commerce website:

1. Sign up for a LYOMERCHANT account.

2. Complete your details with email verification to generate an API Key.

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Point of Sale (POS)

Level up how your shop accepts borderless payments by getting a POS terminal that accepts different types of cryptocurrencies.

Crypto-ready POS Terminal:

1. Accepts payments in both fiat and cryptocurrencies.

2. Crypto wallet is provided.

3. Real-time payment collection reports.

Business Cloud

1. Convenient app to work with goods, services, kits, and modifiers.

2. Print and digital version of receipts.

3. Sales report on LYOMERCHANT Dashboard.

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Fast Pay

No need to share your wallet address. The unique URL generated for you will be enough to receive crypto payments fast.

Accept payments without sharing your wallet address:

1. Payment Link - each merchant has their own unique URL. Share this URL via SMS, email, Whatsapp, to receive payments.

2. Payment Code - merchants can generate a code that will be sent to the payer to start processing payments.

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Generate a detailed list of goods, products, services, and their corresponding prices for your customers for faster transaction processing.

Easy payment process:

1. Access payment page by QR code.

2. Downloadable invoice.

3. Payment request by URL via email and SMS.

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Why Do Businesses Trust


Payments should be seamless, which is why crypto enables you to omit the middleman, and let business owners achieve a significant profit margin.



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